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She Collage (2015, 10 min., digital)
She Collage is part response to the work of Southern California–based collage artist Terry Braunstein, part reflection on the practice of art-making. like Braunstein’s art, the film is itself a collage—in this case, frame-by-frame hand-manipulated images of Braunstein, paper cutout stopmotion animation, archival footage, and an assemblage of sounds.

Break (2015, paper, ink, gelatin to digital, can be played as a standalone 5-min short or installed as a loop)
PLAY MOVIE / password: print
Homemade gelatin is a fragile material. When I began using it in my printmaking, I was struck by the way the gelatin block was impacted by the making of each print. I suspected that if I made enough successive prints, I would be left with some sort of beautiful record of something completely falling apart. I ended up making 136 prints from a single block. I scanned the set of prints, each a unique record of a particular moment in the process of disintegration. The scans are what you see here. The scans have come alive, the prints sit quietly in a box, the gelatin is gone. I made this in a broader context of global warming, melting of the polar ice caps, great personal unrest and change, and the deterioration of the health of a few people close to me.

Fifty Feet Near Wendover (for Nancy Holt) (2018, 3.5 min, super 8 to digital)
PLAY MOVIE / password: suntunnels
An interplay of landscape, concrete, and light, this sculptural homage to artist Nancy Holt was edited in camera on a single roll of super 8 film at Holt’s Sun Tunnels, a concrete, steel, and earth sculpture in the Great Basin Desert in the U.S.

Huntington Drive (2015, 5 min., paper scroll, thread, and tape to digital)
PLAY MOVIE / password: nospace
Huntington Drive comprises various types of documentation of a single trip along the entire length of Huntington Drive, a 16-mile-long street that passes through nine cities in Los Angeles County: sounds recorded at various points, photographs of sights along its length, sections of pages from a paper map book depicting the route, and scans of trash picked up along the way. The various types of visual documentation were printed onto pieces of paper of uniform height, arranged in geographic order from Los Angeles to Irwindale, and attached together into a long scroll modeled after small box panorama toys from the late 19th century. What you see here is video documentation of a single trip across the scroll, accompanied by sounds recorded from the trip along Huntington Drive.

Mountain Trip (2015, 5 min, digital)
A highly managed image of a highly managed ride across a highly managed landscape.

Field Notes: Processing the Idea of Nature in Los Angeles (sketches 1-5) (2011, 19.5 min. for five sketches, super 8 to digital
PLAY #1-5 / password: nature
These five short pieces come from Field Notes, a series of eleven short films that study the place and meaning of nature in the Los Angeles area. Conceptually drawing from biological field notes and artist sketches—initial raw processes of sense-making through recording that may later be honed and shaped into more formal works—the notes and sketches in this set are unpolished, capturing the attempt to understand, the impulse of wonder, the act of re-seeing through creating. Shot on super 8 film, then hand-processed and finished digitally, Field Notes is a project about asking rather than telling, about process rather than product. I made Field Notes for my month-long artist residency at Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles.


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