huntington drive

huntingtondrive_website2015, 5 min., paper scroll, thread, and tape to digital, sound

huntington drive comprises various types of documentation of a single trip along the entire length of huntington drive, a 16-mile-long street that passes through nine cities in los angeles county: sounds recorded at various points, photographs of sights along its length, sections of pages from a paper map book depicting the route, and scans of trash picked up along the way. the various types of visual documentation were printed onto pieces of paper of uniform height, arranged in geographic order from los angeles to irwindale, and attached together into a long scroll modeled after small box panorama toys from the late 19th century. what you see here is video documentation of a single trip across the scroll, accompanied by sounds recorded from the trip along huntington drive.

this work is included in spaces between cities, a 2015 feature-length exquisite corpse road film commissioned by excinema in seattle.