I am a Los Angeles–area multidisciplinary artist working in film, video, clay, and other media.

In my varied works, I play with material, texture, traces, and movement and am interested in ways people understand and interact with nature. My preoccupations include family, memory, gender, land, texture, color, and place. I am drawn to places where structures and materials break down.

My experimental film and video work verges on documentary and spans a wide range—from essay film to stopmotion collage to impressionist portraiture. My works have screened at festivals and venues internationally including the Black Maria Film + Video Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Videoex Experimental Film & Video Festival, Experiments in Cinema, Los Angeles Filmforum, and the Portland Underground Film Festival.

I approach both my ceramics and cyanotypes (and, to an increasing degree, my moving image work) as collaborations—with material properties, with objects, with sites, with natural and chemical processes, with weather and other conditions, with the elements of chance that arise from all of these. Intention and discovery are equally important to my process.

My work in clay highlights sculptural forms and delicate colors, shapes, and textures of desert landscapes and geothermal regions of the western and southwestern U.S. My cyanotypes are on the one hand documents, records of experiments and conditions, but they are also ethereal traces of light and chemistry that point beyond the corporeal.

I have an MFA in Science & Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University in Bozeman.