CABIN FEVER: Coping with COVID-19 playlist of online experimental films & videos

If you are enjoying movies on this playlist and are in a position to be able to spare some money, I hope that you will consider reaching out to individual artists whose work you are watching and find out how you can donate money to them in appreciation of their creative contributions. Perhaps they have websites with donation links or contact info. Maybe you can find them via social media. Please reach out. So many of us artists are in precarious financial positions even in regular times, and the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbates the situation. There are also many moving image artists who are not in a position to make their work free to view right now and are thus not on this list, and I encourage you to find ways to support them as well. Love and solidarity to the experimental film community.

A bit about the playlist:
I started “CABIN FEVER: Coping with COVID-19 playlist of online experimental films & videos” on March 13 as a way to gather some online experimental work to send to my video art students once in-person classes were canceled.  I arranged the films based on moods one might be experiencing while being cooped up.  I thought it might be a fun collaborative resource for other folks out there in the same boat, so I turned it into a collaborative google sheet, shared it with folks in the experimental film community, and it took off.  The crowdsourced list has grown by leaps and bounds.  In doing so, it has morphed a bit from its initial mood-based arrangement, and some great new categories have been added to the mix.  Because the drastic increase in traffic to the list has caused access problems for lots of people, I’ve had to make the google sheet view-only and have shifted how people can add new works to the list (see below). The downloads listed above are snapshots of what the list looked like at the date and time listed with the download.  I’ll do my best to provide new and updated downloads when my time allows.  Apologies for any inconvenience in accessing downloads or the google sheet.

A huge thank-you to all who have generously added movies to the list and to Dessane Lopez Cassell of Hyperallergic and Clayton Schuster of for their recent articles and for helping to spread the word about this growing resource.  Thank you as well to Jeremy Caplan and Jonathan Looman for creating two different viewing extensions for the playlist—such generous gestures!  Happy viewing to you all!

If there are experimental films or works of video art that you’d like to suggest for the playlist, you can use this form.  Please note that I have a lot going on in addition to maintaining the playlist, so I may not be able to make additions right away.  I’ll update as often as I can, though!