2015, 2:17 installation loop or 4:55 theatrical version, paper, ink, gelatin to digital

Homemade gelatin is a fragile material. When I began using it in my printmaking, I was struck by the way the gelatin block was impacted by the making of each print. I suspected that if I made enough successive prints, I would be left with some sort of beautiful record of something completely falling apart.  I ended up making 136 prints from a single block.  I scanned the set of prints, each a unique record of a particular moment in the process of disintegration.  The scans are what you see here.  The scans have come alive, the prints sit quietly in a box, the gelatin is gone.  I made this in a broader context of global warming, melting of the polar ice caps, great personal unrest and change, and the deterioration of the health of a few people close to me.