To Speak a Canyon

2019, cyanotype on fabric and paper, with digital and live projections
, sound (installation view)

This mixed-media work comprises images and traces of objects, spaces, time, conditions, and movement in Eaton Canyon, near Los Angeles. A Super 8 film documents each step I took on a hike to and from a waterfall. The other elements—cyanotypes, audio, and video—were created at a site along that trail, in close proximity to detritus of old waterworks. To Speak a Canyon is a collaboration with a place, a collection of fragments and documents, a questioning of human relationships with what we call nature, and of what constitutes an image of it.

To Speak a Canyon was installed at Human Resources in Los Angeles in April 2019 as part of Echo Park Film Center’s three-day takeover of the gallery. The two moving-image projections are from Eaton Canyon (Series), a suite of works made in 2017 with support from Echo Park Film Center and funding from the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.